About Robert Majure

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I enjoy travel. And, writing about travel. I even travel a bit as part of my commute.

Island Commuting

I live on Whidbey Island in Coupeville, Washington. And, I work for Expedia in Bellevue, Washington. I embrace a bus-riding, pied-à-terre lifestyle. Coupeville-to-Bellevue commuting takes too much time on a daily basis. So, I have a pied-à-terre (a fancy word for commuter apartment) in Lynnwood.  I ride the bus from Coupeville to Lynnwood to Bellevue and vice-versa. The Coupeville-Lynnwood link includes a ferry ride between Clinton and Mukilteo. I get a lot of reading done!

Professional Profile

I work for Expedia, that is, conveniently, in the travel industry. For professional inquiries, please contact me through Linkedin.

Be sure and check out my Trover and Twitter posts.