Best United States-Canada Border Route

You may choose different ways to cross the United States-Canada border. However, the best United States-Canada border route is not by land. It is by sea. So, take the Washington State ferry. Take it between Sydney, BC and Anacortes, Washington. You may need more time. But, relax. Put your smart phone down. Enjoy the scenery. And, enrich your soul.

Best United States-Canada Border Route is by Sea

First, plan ahead. The route is summer-only. Consequently, check theĀ ferry schedule.

Best United States-Canada Border Route Ferries
Popular ferry route

Route Tips

Here are basic tips to ensure a great experience.

  • If you are driving, make a ferry reservation. This is a popular route. So, don’t take chances with standby.
  • Bring food or stalk the chowder line. Hungry ferry passengers snap up galley food! Because hunger pangs struck us, I had to stalk the chowder line until they served a new batch.
  • Bring your camera. You pass gorgeous scenery. You may even see a whale. Furthermore, if you have a DSLR, bring your zoom lens.
  • Be on deck for the Friday Harbor passenger drop. Because, you get great photo opportunities.
  • Enjoy the fresh air. Sea air is the best. However, it can be brisk. Perhaps bracing. Bring a jacket.
Best United States-Canada Border Route Friday Harbor Drop-ooff
Friday Harbor passenger drop-off
Best United States-Canada Border Route Friday Harbor
Sailboat at Friday Harbor

Alternative Trips

Sailing from Anacortes to Friday Harbor, and back, has advantages. Park your car at Anacortes. Then, walk on the ferry. Additionally, you do not need reservations. Numerous restaurants are walkable from the Friday Harbor dock. And, you avoid the car lines loading and unloading the ferry. Probably, three hours is sufficient to get a flavor for the town.

Prepared for Beauty Addiction

This trip can cause a happy problem. Because, you will see amazing beauty. Consequently, you may struggle to return home. Or, return to your daily grind.

Related Trips

Finally, if you are still hungry for this type of experience seeĀ Nanaimo Natural Gateway.

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