DIY Wine Aroma Experiment

DIY Wine Aroma Experiment

I enjoy wine. But, I often struggle discerning the wine taste and aroma subtleties. I read all those sophisticated tasting notes and wonder why I do not get all that. So, I investigated buying a wine aroma kit so I can practice and learn. However, those costs hundreds of dollars. Consequently, I created my own DIY Wine Aroma Experiment.

Wine and Travel

What does this have to do with a travel blog? I enjoy connecting all types of experiences with travel. Most world regions produce wine. So, by better understanding wine and its various geographic origins, I gain insights into various world locations.

DIY Wine Aroma Experiment Inspiration

As I mentioned, ready-made kits cost hundreds of dollars. I did some online research. And, I found this Wine Spectator article on DIY kits. It served as inspiration. So, I conducted a quick pantry inventory and made a grocery list for the missing items.

White Wine DIY Aroma Experiment

For the white wine, I used a local 2014 Columbia Crest Grand Estates Pinot Gris as a base. I put 2 ounces of wine in each glass.

I made pragmatic ingredient choices – nothing artisan-like. Consequently, I chose a grapefruit, a lemon, crushed blades of grass from the lawn, nutmeg, vanilla, honey, a peach fruit cup,  a can of pears, Smokey Joe, and a can of pineapples. I wanted to use melon. However, it is out of season for melons. Then, for each I mixed a few drops or a teaspoon, depending on the ingredient, in the glasses of pinot gris. I let the glass sit for a few minutes.

Next, I swirled the wine in each glass and starting sniffing the aromas. Notably, I easily determined the aroma for each ingredient. I even mixed up the order of glasses. Still, I easily detected the aromas. My initial conclusion – this is easy when the aroma is singular and strong.

Red Wine DIY Aroma Experiment

For the red wine, I used a local 2014 Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot as a base. Again, I put 2 ounces of wine in each glass.

As with the white wine, I made pragmatic ingredient choices. So, this time, I chose strawberries, strawberry jam, vanilla, cherries, black pepper, a green pepper, peppermint syrup, coffee, cocoa, Smokey Joe, and tobacco.

DIY Wine Aroma Experiment
Red Wine DIY Aroma Experiment

Also, like the white wine experiment, I easily detected the aromas.

Did it Help?

I cautiously conclude my DIY Wine Aroma Experiment improved my wine appreciation skills. However, I am definitely not ready to be a sommelier.

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