Nanaimo Natural Gateway

Last Minute Nanaimo Natural Gateway

Visiting Vancouver Island is all about natural scenery. We did not plan for a Nanaimo natural gateway to the island. Fortunately, our plans changed.

We planned to take the Anacortes WA-Sydney BC ferry on Friday morning. I made reservations. However, I received an email from WDOT indicating mechanical failure on one of the ferries. Consequently, they cancelled the morning run to Sydney. The afternoon run was available. But, getting to Sydney on Friday night, only to return Sunday evening seemed, well, not worth the trip.

As a result, I Plan B into action. I made a reservation on the Tsawwassen-Nainamo BC Ferry. We had hotel reservations on Friday night in Port Hardy. Rather than Sydney, Nanaimo is actually a more convenient gateway. The drive to Port Hardy is shorter. We could spend more time sight seeing on Friday. Hence, the title of this post, Nanaimo Natural Gateway. Visiting Vancouver is all about scenery; natural scenery.


BC Ferry on the way to Nanaimo natural gateway

No Waiting to Cross into Canada

We used our new NEXUS cards to cross into Canada. Amazing! Rather than a long wait, we bypassed a 30 minute border wait on I-5. The NEXUS lane was empty. We showed the Canadian customs officer our cards. He asked if we had anything to declare. “Nope.” We were on our way in 45 seconds. I highly recommend this for U.S. citizens. You pay a fee with your application. And, you must interview with both U.S. and Canada customs officials. For more: NEXUS Program.

Harbour City

Dinah and I checked into the Coast Bastion Hotel in downtown Nanaimo. Subsequently, we strolled along the harbour. A couple of this post’s photos are harbour shots. After all, Nanaimo is the Harbour City.

Nanaimo natural gateway - harbour
Nanaimo Harbour

Greek Dinner

After a long day, we were hungry. As a result, I started searching online. Subsequently, I found Asteras, a Greek restaurant. Furthermore, it received top reviews. And most of all, Dinah and I love Greek food. Consequently, we made a spirited walk toward the Nanaimo’s Old City Quarter. Asteras is in an old house. After a warm-day walk, we needed to cool down. Fortunately, they seated us next to the only window air conditioner. I let Dinah have the seat next to the air conditioner! We both ordered the lamb stuffed peppers. I am not one to take photos of my dinner. In contrast, I should have for this meal. Amazing!

Next Stop – Port Hardy

Our next stop is Port Hardy. We have no specific plan other than to explore the route as we go.

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