Pakistan Vacation Underway

After months of planning, we can declare our Pakistan vacation underway. We knew it was real when we bought airline tickets. Of course, I bought the tickets through Expedia. For a preview, see my blog postĀ Pakistan Adventure Vacation Preview.

First, we decided transportation to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Or, to most people, SeaTac. We looked at options like airport parking, Uber, or a private car. Consequently, we settled on the popularĀ Whidbey-SeaTac Shuttle. Great choice. We arrived at SeaTac in two hours.

Getting our Pakistan Vacation Underway with Emirates

This was my first time to fly on Emirates. I heard so many good things. Emirates met my built-up expectations. First of all, we had a non-stop from SeaTac to Dubai. And, then another non-stop to Islamabad. Having just two air legs saves time.

Pakistan Vacation Underway
Emirates airplane at SeaTac

I expect sparse amenities in economy class. However, Emirates provides a degree of luxury, even in economy. We had large touch screens. Music and video choices abounded. Also, we had live television for tennis and the hurricane news. Furthermore, we had excellent food choices. The menu below is from flight to Islamabad.

Pakistan Vacation Underway
My kind of meal choices, even in economy class

Easy First Day – Managing Jet Lag

International travel presents jet lag challenges. We arrived in Islamabad at 1:30 AM. We easily cleared customs. Then, we spent another hour retrieving our luggage. Finally, we made it outside where our son-in-law’s parents (Aized and Nadia) were waiting for us. Shower and bedtime at 4:00 AM. We slept to almost 10:00. Then, we start the time zone adjustment. I like staying up all day the first day. I almost made it. But, I did sneak a 30 minute afternoon nap.

Metro to the Mall

Dinah wanted to buy some clothes. So we headed to the new Centaurus Mall. Aized dropped the three of us off at the metro bus station while he drove on to the mall. We rode Islamabad’s new metro bus system to the mall. The buses drive in dedicated bus-only lanes.

Pakistan Vacation Underway
New Islamabad metro station

The mall is new for Dinah and I. In contrast, we shopped at small shops in 2012. I am not sure how I feel about this sign of progress.

Pakistan Vacation Underway
Islamabad’s new mall

I never took an escalator selfie!

Pakistan Vacation Underway
Escalator selfie

Walking from the metro bus station to the mall, I noticed dark clouds in the Margalla Hills. Results soon appeared. Consequently, we had to wait out a big thunderstorm. It reminded me of our Florida days.

Pakistan Vacation Underway
Leaving the mall parking lot.

We were feeling the jet lag. Dinah succumbed to a longer nap. However, I tried to avoid a nap by touring roof top solar panel system. Eventually, I sneaked a 30 minute nap.

Pakistan Vacation Underway
House top solar panel

Getting our Pakistan Vacation Underway with a BBQ

Pakistan Vacation UnderwayPakistan Vacation UnderwayI will never complain about a BBQ. So, this seems like a fitting first-day meal. Aized grilled chicken.



Furthermore, we had so much fun listening to fun YouTube music while grilling. Here are a couple of samples.

Movie Night

Pakistan Vacation Underway
Romancing the Stone

We did not want to go to sleep too early. So, next up. Movie night, with popcorn. We watched Romancing the Stone in Aized’s dedicated AV room. Big screen plus surround sound helped stave off jet lag.

Finally, bed time! We went to sleep around midnight. Not too bad for a first day!

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  1. Loved it totally, specially the piece on Wagah, you shared your views with much aplomb. Being from the other side of fence, India, I was amazed how well you understood the history and relationships of both of us. Look forward to reading more such blogs !

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