Wallace Falls Healthy Hiking

Wallace Falls Healthy Hiking

Exercising is best outdoors. I hate treadmills. So, I relish the opportunity to hike. Wallace Falls healthy hiking is one of the best ways in the Seattle area.

Wallace Falls is a Washington State Park. It is an easy drive from anywhere in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Why Wallace Falls Healthy Hiking?

Dinah and I preparing for an adventurous vacation in Pakistan. At times, we will travel at elevations about 15,000 feet. Consequently, we need to be in shape just to function at that elevation. We walk a lot but want to get back into hiking. I hiked Wallace Falls in 2014 and wanted Dinah to hike it with me.

Getting There

Dinah and I started from my pied-à-terre in Lynnwood (about me). It is about an hour east on US 2 toward Leavenworth. My most important advice is get there early. The parking lot fills quickly. Furthermore, on a weekend the lot is full by 11:00 AM. Most importantly, there are no alternate parking options. Parking on the road near the park entrance earns you a parking citation from the local sheriff.

The trail head includes restrooms. Most noteworthy, the restrooms have real plumbing!

On the Trail

Three falls serve as your hiking destination. Lower, middle, and upper falls create motivating goals. But, beware the last leg to the upper falls overlook is steep. On this day, Dinah and I stopped at the middle falls. This still results in about a 5 mile round trip hike. And, it still includes plenty of cardio for us.

Forest Beauty

Wallace Falls hiking is more than just falls. The forest offers plenty of beauty.

Wallace Falls Healthy Hiking

Even old stumps offer artistry.

Wallace Falls Healthy Hiking

Wallace Falls Healthy Hiking

Wallace Falls Healthy Hiking

Dry Summer Limits Water Volume

At time of hiking, we had no rain in Seattle for over two months. Snow melt was still providing some water volume. Compare the following photo to the feature image. I took the feature image photo in December 2014.

Wallace Falls Healthy Hiking

We hiked up to the middle falls overlook and then headed back to the trail head.

Hunger set in. We packed a lunch. So, we decided to picnic at the trail head picnic tables.

Finally, we started back toward Coupeville. Everyone knows the tired but happy feeling. That was me. But, I wanted one more thing. Espresso! We stopped at one of many espresso stands just outside Gold Bar. I felt great!

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